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The Internet Business , Or Is It Company Online?
Yet if like me your bread-and-butter is made by you becoming fanatical and primarily offline then focusing on hits could ruin you like it almost did me. Think for a minute, what am I offering here?
Lose your focus, stop paying attention to the matters that issue and it could critically impact on your starting a company, you could become the \"here\" to day \"gone\" tomorrow dot-com that your constantly reading around.
What`s the object of your web site? for a minute lets focus on the third point If for example you handle a mainstream engineering brand you could have made the decision to publish a web site to boost knowledge of your newest supplying or if the supervisor of a little bistro that determine to promote his \"specials\"menu, every time they altered the menu they leafleted every one in the village to appear on the web at their new menu and sent submitted a press release to. The purpose being that in both situations they are very much influenced by company offline and the web site`s object is simply consumer Knowledge. They`re going to not go bust if they come in the shop or the customer to their site does not purchase anything.
I would like to tell you about a bathroom fitter that invested GBP5,000 on his web site but didn`t appear to be any more active when it found bathroom fitting contracts. His IT people advised him that it was down maybe not enough of them to hits, and he needed to invest still another GBP5,000 on Search Engine Optimization (search motor optimization - the science of high positioning in the organic search results SERPS). Do I need to do this he asked? The advice was NOT to spend another cent. Rather every time he completes a bathroom installation his web website address should be written by him JUST on a post-it note and place it on the new tiled wall above the bath. Why? Viral Advertising or Chinese whispers, united with the natural human fascination will drive existing clients to look at his internet site who in turn tell their freinds. Now true he hadn`t spent money that was additional on SEO, neither had he covered any clicks however Six months later his website was getting hits like crazy and his service ca nt be booked by you now for 8 months.
Now lets consider a recruiting design blog in exactly the same area although awareness is a primary goal, business comes first. You see a service that is reactive is offered by them according to a data base of contacts, they advertise build contacts and to gain clients, by cross-matching they are not unable to succeed. So Advertising is the essence of the business, the web site`s purpose, supplying candidates, who are data got directly into a database 24/7 through an automatic procedure with recognition of opportunity. They`re also focused on customer service and deploy multimedia presentation of the unique selling point USP to nominees. By using all the free open-source technology open to them at no price they can utilize the most recent technologies to compete equally, even taking the advantage on demo using \"Wink\" to make their on-line video offering.
If its on-line and automated, remember to keep your servers up so far and do not slope off when it comes to maintenance, downtime in your case could be disastrous. You`re on your own therefore ensure site says it all, content is KING. Quality of support and content, Who is Google? They are the quickest growing, most dynamic media business directory of all time. Take a leaf from your leader`s book.
For the rest of us off-liners`s it is a another story, don`t be to focused on hits, it could be your ruin. A healthy curiosity, skilled coaching and some ambition to push you forward will consider you in the right direction. Fixation with Hits, traffic, site visitors can function as route to tragedy when it comes to e-commerce for sme`s. Let me explain if you concentrate completely on creating numbers of visitors and plough all your sources you may well get an upsurge of one time guests but will they buy anything? And in case you used all your resources what`ll you do if you do not make enough sales? Consider you are offering very carefully, are you giving your client what they are looking for? Consider your Unique Selling Point quite attentively. Consider the content of your website and finally consider this.... can you be located readily? 85% of surfers use lookup, that`s a reality. When it comes to problem solving to-day, with broadband at most people`s finger tips its most likely the person will do an internet research to fix the problem.
Now unless you will Purchase Placement PFP or PPC Pay Per Click consider quite carefully your content and optimize it to ensure the information is easily found by the lookup engines.
Are you really reading this post and seeking inspiration, go and study this post from \"The Times\" it will inspire one to consider how you present your-self.
Get this report that is expert on multimedia demonstration and go, e zines and e-mail are dying if you hadn`t discovered. Address your audience with video and sound technology, it is the way we now have broadband and forwards, that is a digital age. Graphics spell 1000 phrases so interfacing through video with your clients makes good sense for demo. It`s possible for you to influence more through your video concept and through the introduction of movie ipod you can interface with your customers while they are in the gym, you`ve already discovered about \"Wink\", get about utilizing it for the benefit.
At the end of the day there`s no alternative, as an entrepreneur, for experience and hard work.
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